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Of all the websites I have tried, this website is by far the most profitable. There are two reasons this site is so profitable:

  1. It sells spells. Over 50% of the world believes in magic, so over 50% of the world are potentially your customers.
  2. Not only do you make money selling the spells yourself, but you can also set up a network of other sellers, and make money from all of their sales too!

To start with, let us look at the fact that is sells magic spells:

I have no idea if you looked at this page because you believe in the power of spells, or because you know how profitable that type of business is. Either way you must know that a lot of people do believe, and they spend a lot of money on magic related items. So if you are interested solely in making money, or interested in running this business because you want to run something you believe in, this website will make plenty of money for you.

What you will get is your own website that sells actual spells, not magic supplies that require all sorts of checks, and in some cases licences, but the text of the spells. These are downloaded by the customer from the Internet, so they do not have to be posted, less work for you to do. In fact there is no work for you to do because you do not sell directly, you do not even have to deal with the customer. The spells are supplied by a third party, when a customer clicks on a "buy" link, another company does all the work for you, then sends you the profit. It is like drop shipping, only easier.

And the site does not just sell spells, it also sells information on psychic powers. Again, you do not need this knowledge yourself, another company supplies your customer direct, there is little for you to do except spend the profits!

However this is only a small portion of what you make. Let us look at the fact that you make money when other people sell the spells:

When people come to the site that you get, they will also see a page suggesting that they get their own site and start selling spells. Now I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "pyramid scheme". Well this is NOT a pyramid scheme, pyramid schemes are illegal! Even if you do make money from a pyramid scheme, it will eventually be taken away from you by the authorities, and you may end up in jail. Avoid them at all costs.

The difference between this and a pyramid scheme is that a pyramid scheme works by getting it's members to sell new memberships and giving them a percentage of the sale price. This system does not do that. In fact it is quite possible for you to sign up and get a site for free, and for people who sign up under you to get their site for free too. So where is the profit in that?

Basically, you make your money from selling the spells, not the scheme. You get 10% of every sale you make, and 10% of every sale made by people who sign up under you. But it does not end there. Those people who you signed up will also be signing up people, and you get 10% of every sale they make. And this goes on for five levels (counting yourself as level one).

So why will this make you rich? Well imagine everyone signs up ten sellers. Your second level will have ten people in it, and you get ten percent of everything they sell. But this ten people also sign up ten people each, that means that between them they sign up one hundred people, and you get ten percent of everything they sell. And those hundred people only constitute your third level. Each of them will sign up ten people, which means together this hundred people sign up a thousand people. The thousand people are your fourth level, and when they each sign up ten people, that will be ten thousand people, who will form your fifth (and final level). So in total, including yourself, you now get 10% commission on ALL sales made by eleven thousand one hundred and eleven people.

Think about that for a minute, you signed up 10 people, you now have your own sales plus 11,110 people working for you. So if everyone (including you) sells just one $10 item a week, you will be making $11,111.00 a week! And that assumes everyone stops signing up new people when they get to ten signees. In reality everyone will keep signing up people, and your profits will keep increasing.

Oh yeah, and remember I said you can sign up and get started for free. So you risk nothing, and will make a fortune. So what the heck are you waiting for????

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