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Make Money From Science Fiction
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Make Money From Bondage
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  First let me tell you what I am NOT going to do:
  • I am NOT going to charge you for this information, it is all free.
  • I am NOT going to ask you to sign up to get the information, everything you need to know is given to you on free websites.
  • I am NOT going to ask for your email address. Why would I need that?.
  • I am NOT going to end up trying to sell you something after giving you the information. You can easily start making money for free, no cost involved (except a bit of work and some of your time).
  • I am NOT here to promote impossible dreams. All these ideas WILL make money, but they are not "magic", you have to put in a bit of work and sacrifice some of your time.
Now let me tell you what I AM going to do:
  • I AM going to show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc... to make loads of money.
  • I AM going to give you ideas on how to improve the amount of money you make, so that you make even more money.
  • I AM going to show you how to make enough money to make your life better.
So, are you ready to make money? Are you ready to begin your new life of wealth and happiness? If so, read on:

You probably have a Facebook or Twitter account, you may have a blog, you might possibly even have your own "real" website. If you have at least one of these things, good. If you have none of these things, then sign up for at least one. Twitter and Facebook are both free and easy to use, try these two first. Blogs can be got for free. Websites are a little trickier. You can get free web hosting, but picking an "honest" one is difficult, and creating good websites takes a bit of training. If you do not already have a website, I'd advise you to leave that until later. Cut your teeth on Facebook, move on to Twitter, then get a blog if you want, and after that, If running your own website draws you, then consider it once you are making good money from the other three.

You are going to start making money by advertising other people's eBooks on your Facebook, Twitter, blog or website. They will pay you a commission for every sale. And I don't mean the crappy 10% that companies like Amazon offer, in most cases you get a full third of the sale price. But how do you do this?

To begin with look at the menu up on the top right hand side of this page. You will see a link to how to make money from science fiction. Even if you don't want to advertise that company's eBooks, go through their site first. It contains a tutorial on "how to make money" which tells you all you need to get started, and everything they say can be transferred to other companies' products.

To start with go to the fourth section of their menu, headed "Help And Advice", and read through the articles in that section in the order they fall on the menu. However do note that the section headed "Beginners Guide To Making Money Online" should actually be titled "Beginners Guide To Making Money From Websites And Some Blog Hosts". Facebook and Twitter and a few (but not all) companies that host blogs do things differently, very little in that article applies to Facebook or Twitter.

Once you have read through all that you may be happy to stick selling their product. Or you may prefer to look at the second link and see if their products are better for you. Either way, both intend to add more eBooks to their range in future. However four quick words of warning:

(1) When you look at the websites those two sites use to process your payments (both use 3rd party, so you know you are not being robbed) you will find other eBooks you can sell. Some offer a much higher percentage in commission. That percentage is not off of the sale price, but off the price after expenses and distributor's commission has been paid. For example the books published by these two companies offer you a third of sale price. On the payment companies page they show as 50% commission because one third of sale price equals one half (50%) of the price after expenses and distributor's costs.

(2) Even so, some offer more than 50%, so will be offering a higher percentage overall. Be aware that few to none of these companies offer the sales tools that the two I list offer. You will have to create your own. This takes a lot of time and a hell of a lot of skill. If you have those (and a copy of Photoshop on your computer) then go for the higher commission (60% or more) books. If not, stick with those I mention.

(3) If you go for books sold by other companies, some are more expensive that those sold by the companies I mentioned. Do not think "higher price books are better than lower price books, because the higher the price, the more my commission". Higher priced books are harder to sell. Avoid anything over $5 as once they go over that price they are bloody hard to sell (I am including books by the companies I recommend too, avoid anything they sell for over $5). Believe me, you will sell many times as many copies of a book priced at $4.99 than of a book priced at $5.99.

(4) Do also note that many of the other books offered by these other companies give a much lower commission. Most in fact offer a piss poor commission. Ten or eleven percent after exes (which works out at about 6% of the sales price, less even that companies like Amazon offer). Avoid these, it is just not worth it.

First bookmark this site as I will be adding useful articles with advice on how to increase your profits in the future.

Now start going through those two sites in the menu (top right hand corner of this page) and start making money. Make the money you need. Make the money you deserve And start to live the good life, the life you have always wanted, a life of happiness and wealth. Remember: If you act now then "TODAY WILL BE THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE", and it will be the life that you want. Carpe Diem (seize the day).

Well, that is all I have to say for now. Take a look at the pages on the right, read through them, and decide which you feel is best for you. Then start on your way to becoming really rich. Don't wait, don't put it off, or you will end up not doing it. And in a year's time you will be wondering why you do not have enough money for that thing you really want. And your "dream holiday" will still be a dream, with no chance of becoming a reality. You must act to change your life now.