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I run websites for a living, and recently I made myself very unpopular on a chat board for professional webmasters. I dared to suggest that everyone's destiny is in their own hands. I was not being philosophical, nor was I making a religious point. I was simply pointing out that there is no point in blaming other people (or other things) for your misfortune. If you fail to think ahead, that is your fault, if you fail to plan for every eventuality, that is your fault. Even it appears to be "fate conspiring against you", you could still have planned ahead so that you were ready when the future threw you a curve ball.

For example, say some company places a major order with the company you work for, then when the work is done goes bust before paying. That company may blame the "financial downturn" for the fact that they went broke, it is not their fault, they did not plan to go bust, it just happened. Wrong, it is their fault, they should not have placed the order unless they were sure they could cover it.

Now what if the company you work for cannot afford to swallow the loss? They have spent a fortune buying the materials needed for the job, sub-contracted some of the work, etc. And they did most of this on credit, expecting a big pay day at the end of the project. But the company that placed the order with them went bust before paying for the goods. The sub contractors still want paying, the suppliers still want paying, and the bank that temporarily extended their overdraft to cover the administration costs wants paying. All these people were happy to wait until the company you worked for got paid, but now the company that placed the order is going through the process of bankruptcy, they all want paying from the company you work for. They cannot pay, they don't have enough of a float to cover the loss. Their only option is to declare bankruptcy themselves. Of course it is not their fault, they could not have foreseen that their client was going bust. Wrong again, it is their fault. True, they could not have foreseen that their client was going bust, but they know that this is always a possibility. And there are companies that could have offered them a completion bond, in effect insurance against their customer going bust. This would have cost them money and made their profits less, but it would mean that they were protected if the deal went belly up. Unfortunately, like most companies, they were greedy, they did not want to pay this money, so they trusted to luck, hoped their client would be good for the bill at the end of the project, and their luck ran out, they went bust themselves.

So where does that leave you? You are now unemployed, and in the current financial situation it will be a long time before you get another job. Your savings are rapidly running out, and soon you will have to survive on state benefit. That is not good money, you will have to do without a lot of things you currently take for granted, it will hard for you and your family.

But it is not your fault is it? You had no input in your company's decision making. There was no way you could have stopped them making the stupid decisions that drove them to bankruptcy. Well true it is not your fault that the company you worked for went broke, you could not have stopped that. And even if you had changed jobs, there is no certainty that the your new boss won't go bust too. But it is your fault that your savings are rapidly running out, it is your fault that you will have to survive on state benefit, it is your fault that you will have to do without a lot of things you currently take for granted, and it is your fault that things are hard for you and your family, because you did not plan for this day.

Unless you have spent the last few years in a coma you must be aware that we are living in troubled times. And unless you never read the news you must be aware that a second dip is possible. In fact it is not just possible it is probable. In the US, the republicans and democrats disagree over which direction to go in. One says the government should save money and pay off it's debt. The other side says that the government should spend money to get the economy moving. Who is right? The answer is that they are both correct. Which also means that they are both wrong! If the government cuts back on spending the economy will collapse, which will lead to a 1930's style depression. But if they increase spending the government will collapse, which will lead to a 1930's style depression. Either way we are screwed! But it is worse than that. Because the fact that the republicans and democrats disagree scares the financial markets, and when they are scared they don't spend, bringing the next great depression nearer. Remember. when the US fails, the world fails.

And look at Europe. It seams practically certain that Greece will default, which will not only hit Greece, it will hit all of Europe. And remember, Europe as a whole is bigger that the USA. Why do you think Obama has repeatedly urged Europe to sort itself out? Because when Europe fails, the US fails. And when the US fails, the world fails.

You know all this, possibly not in the exact words I just used, but you are not stupid, you know that the economy is going to dip again, and you know that you have to make plans so that you are not effected by it, so that you are not one of those poor people living in whatever tomorrow's version of "HooverVille" is going to be. So why have you done nothing about it?

OK so now you are thinking "But what can I do about it? How can I protect myself and my family against the coming storm?"

Well let me tell you what I am doing, and how you can copy me. That way you can not only make enough money from a second income to see you through the bad times that are heading our way, you can actually end up making more money at this that you can at your current job. And in time you can end up as rich as me.

As I think I already said, I run websites for a living. Websites make a lot of money. But all websites have one thing in common. They started small. Even the really big ones like Google, eBay and Amazon (eBay, for example, was started by some geek as an attempt to impress his girlfriend - a few years later that geek is a multi millionaire running a global company - I hope his girlfriend was impressed). In the past the problem was you either had to be a geek to create a website, or be able to pay someone who was. But not any more!

On this website you will find a couple of ideas on how you can make money on the Internet. They can be set up for free, or if you prefer there is a hosted option that comes with a useful advice site for beginners. Decide which type you prefer, then decide which business you want (or go for both). The important thing is that you do it now. If you leave it, you will forget, and in a few years time you will be looking at something you want, something you cannot afford, and regret not doing anything today. You don't want that regret, so read through this site and pick a business TODAY.

Remember two things:
  • Your life will be better if you have more money.
  • Your life will be considerably worse if the company you work for gets hit by the second dip.
Think about those two things, and think about the fact that your future really is in your hands, today you really can decide if you and your family have a great future, or a crap one. You really can choose an online business that will make you a lot of money. And you really can end up having everything you want.

And remember, I am not here to sell you something. You can set up any of the businesses for free, without it costing you a thing. Or you can use the hosted option if you want the sites set up for you, and access to the advice site giving you more help on how to make lots more money out of your new business. The choice is yours!

The only way that you can fail is if you walk away from this opportunity. If you close this browser window (or move on to a different site) without having got your money making site, you will have failed. Not only will you have failed to secure your future, you will not be getting those huge profits that would have improved your life. If you walk away from this opportunity then every time you look at something you want, and realise that you cannot have it, you will know that it is your fault, you failed to take the offered opportunity when it came your way. Do you want that?

So look at the list of sites in the menu (on the right hand side, near the top of the page). Pick one, the one you feel happiest at owning, and go for it, and change your life for the better TODAY.


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