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Some of you will already have a hosting company that you use. If not, I have recommended a package that includes hosting and site set up for each type of site (on the page that talks about the site). It is designed to require the minimum of work from you. So everything possible is done by the hosting company. You have access to a stats page and the ability to add/remove links (for link exchange etc). However it is impossible for two people to keep changing the HTML, scripts etc without a disaster happening. For this reason you do not get access to the web pages or scripts, if I did it would not be long before something you did interfered with something the hosting company did, and your site crashed.

The hosting package also comes with access to an advice website which gives you plenty of information on free methods to promote your site, and make lots more money. If you have little or no experience on making money online, or if you have tried and failed to make a go of this in the past, it is worth going for the hosted deal for this information alone.

The hosting comes with 1GB of bandwidth per month (which should be more than enough) and a FREE sub domain.


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